I sell on eBay.I recently put up some duplicates of early stereo British Deccas.Ansermet,Argenta,Ricci,and Kubelik,as well as a couple of duplicate early stereo DG "Tulips",Kubelik,and Bohm.Every Decca went for at least $250.00,and every DG went for at least $75.00.I have a mono up now Kirstin Flagstadt that just met my $50 opener.

Every one went to China.

People like this.


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Thanks for all the responses (so far). I live in a pretty record-conscious area, so I've long known about the general market conditions for both classical LP and CDs.

The standard repertory on mainstream record labels on LP is practically a dead market - hundreds of albums in $1.00 bins that sit around for years - except for the occasional interesting configuration (WLP; still sealed; interesting promo press material included; etc.).

For CDs, the market is rapidly declining, as it is for DVDs. Downloaded classical music is rapidly rising, as is bit-rate quality. Still, folks like DGG and Naive and Naxos release incredible amounts of new CDs each year... Since most new classical CDs I see are "international" - pressed usually in Europe - I can only assume the retail market is more widespread than DVD (damn regional coding!). That may sustain the market a bit longer.

Ironically, new LP pressing has surged into a healthy niche market, and will probably stay that way, serving both audiophiles and hipsters.

Although the vast majority of classical LP have low collector value (as do pop records), there are enough desirable rarities to still make an authoritative price guide useful. Bluebacks, shaded dogs, old stereo UK pressings, private releases, early mono quartets, avant garde and uncommon modern composers - these sorts of niches still reach good prices on the collector market. Far as I see.


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