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Business Monitor International (BMI) is a global market leader in providing comprehensive market intelligence and surveillance, encompassing macroeconomic, industry and political risk, financial markets and company intelligence.   


This Business Monitor Online offer comprises the following service tiers:


Industry Research

AGRIBUSINESS                                                                 MINING

AUTOS                                                                                                  OIL & GAS

COMMERCIAL BANKING                                                             PETROCHEMICALS

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS                                                         PHARMACEUTICALS & HEALTHCARE

DEFENSE & SECURITY                                                   POWER

FOOD & DRINK                                                                 REAL ESTATE

FREIGHT TRANSPORT                                                                   RETAIL


INFRASTRUCTURE                                                                          SHIPPING

INSURANCE                                                                                       TELECOMMUNICATIONS            

METALS                                                                                               TOURISM



For the above 23 industries BMI provides:


Quarterly Country Forecast Reports – including Industry Forecast Scenarios, Market Overviews, analysis of the Business Environment and a discussion of the latest Industry Trends and Developments


Industry specific Forecasts - including historic data series and 5-10 year forecasts for all key industry indicators, supported by explicit assumptions, plus analysis of key downside risks to the main forecast


Daily News Analysis – analyzing the implications of the latest industry and macroeconomic developments across the globe including customizable e-mail alerts with latest news & analysis


Company Analysis: Comprehensive competitive intelligence and company profiles with Company Intelligence Database


Industry specific databases: Extensive database for Industries figures and forecasting + Graph creation function Risk & Rewards Industry Ratings


Daily Global Email Alerts:  Providing daily updates on the latest global trends & developments, as well as developments in the competitive environment.



Country Risk & Financial Markets Service Overview


Quarterly Country Forecast Reports: In-depth reviews and forecasts detailing the macroeconomic, political and infrastructure environments


Monthly Country & Regional Updates: Monthly risk analysis of regional & country focused issues, trends, developments and risk summaries


Macroeconomic Forecasts: Monthly profile of country’s latest macro data with BMI commentary, featuring 5 to 10 year forecasts, plus consensus and government forecasts


Economic database: Including historic indicators and forecasts for each country (1990-2022); all data exportable along with industry data points into Excel spreadsheets allowing for benchmarking and (multi)regional comparisons


Risk Ratings Service: Monthly country ratings covering short-term and long-term political, economic and business risk; including systematic bullet point analysis for each area of risk for each country – regionally contextualised


Sovereign Risk Ratings Service: Quarterly analysis of a country’s ability and willingness to finance its external debt obligations


Financial Markets Analysis: Tracking movement and providing forecasts in currencies, equities, interest rates and commodities


Global Markets Strategy Email Alert detailing tactical and strategic investment ideas in Global FX, fixed income and commodity markets in a concise and easy to digest fashion



When- August 16th, 2012, 9:30 and 1:30

Where: FEDLINK Conference Room, LC John Adams bldg, LA218, 2nd floor.

Registration: Please e-mail Jim Oliver, [log in to unmask], to register for either session. Please forward to your colleagues who may have an interest in the subject matter.


Thanks and see you on the 16th.


Jim Oliver

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