Hello Everyone:
I would like to know if any libraries are currently (or have previously) conducted programs and/or outreach for soliders and families who are suffering from PTSD.  I have a colleague that is trying to develop programs, workshops, etc on activities and events that the library can sponsor/hold to assist with this issue.  I know about the resources you can get on post, but have any libraries conducted such a program themselves? 
Some of the ideas we are discussing are:  panel discussion, invite speakers, etc.
Has anyone developed such a library program and if so, would you please share your expertise on the type of program you conducted.  Also, were these programs just geared towards the service member or have you developed any programs for families as well. 
Thank you for your assistance!  We appreciate any and all comments and suggestions. 

Angelique Simmons
(202) 590-6273
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