Most EPA documents are digitally available in the EPA Online Library System (OLS), EPA's library catalog.

If you want any of the following print EPA documents listed in the workbook's 6 spreadsheets, send a list with minimal information of the (a.) EPA document number, (b). title, and (c.) quantity of each document desired to Vincent Shawver at [log in to unmask], 913-551-7301 by August 23. Sorry to report we can't pay shipping costs.

(See attached file: USEPA R7 EPA Docs 1-3000 Remaining FedLib 8-16-12.xlsx)

Suggestion: You may copy/paste requests as in the examples below.

Example 1(2 available, 1 requested)

Example 2 (2 available, 2 requested )

Or, if you have several selections, you may notify me to search the spreadsheets for them.

Thank you.