I'm not a CJK cataloger, so my apologies if I missed any earlier discussion or announcement about the Chinese Name Authority File in OCLC. This is how OCLC describes it:

With the Connexion client interface, you also have access to the Chinese Name Authority File to search over 130,000 Chinese name authority records and copy data to paste into bibliographic records. The Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC) of Hong Kong creates and maintains the Chinese name authority file, which is expected to grow at a rate of 8,000 to 10,000 records a year.

Apparently, although there is some coordination with the LC/PCC NAF, there are headings in the Chinese NAF that aren't in the LC/PCC NAF. I would think, however, that there is no reason why we couldn't use information found in the Chinese NAF to create or modify NARs in the LC/PCC NAF.

Please let me know if I am wrong (or if I missed a pithy announcement about this.) Also, if anyone has done this, what did your 670 look like?


Michael Colby
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