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I have a comment about part 4 of the 6JSC/ALA/19 proposal: Proposed Revision of RDA 16.2.2 (Preferred Name for the Place). Adding the name of the first-level administrative division before the name of the country in the preferred name for a place would split existing files unless an enormous amount of file maintenance were undertaken. Making the instruction optional would pretty much ensure that split files are perpetuated. Since the concept of "heading" is destined to become obsolete anyway, I think it makes more sense to record the first-level administrative division in a 37X field of the authority record (perhaps a new subfield in the 370 could be defined?). In a post-MARC, linked-data catalog-of-the-future, recording the
first-level administrative division without changing the preferred form of the place name would help public services librarians (and everyone else) identify geographic locations and would not require updates to (tens of thousands of) existing authority and bibliographic records.

Feel free to
reword the comment as you wish and to forward or not as you see fit. I'd be interested in knowing what other PCC members think.



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CC:DA will need to respond to these proposals in advance of the November JSC meeting. While no specific deadlines have yet been established for CC:DA feedback, I suspect comments will be due no later than the end of September. I would be happy to forward any comments from PCC members for consideration. 



Please send your comments directly to me and not to the PCC list; I will contribute them to the CC:DA wiki. If you have an opportunity to comment on these papers through multiple CC:DA liaisons or voting members, please select just one of us to contribute on your behalf.


Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



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