No.  Create the new conference according to RDA.  The older ones have to be revised when you need to use them (thus enabling you to delete their 667s), but new ones should be fine.


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According to the documentation one of the categories of materials excluded from mechanical conversion is "Authority records whose 11X fields represent ongoing conferences".

If we are creating new conference headings of this type, between now and the implementation of RDA authorities, should we add the 667 to them as well?


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Since July 30, a program has been performing "phase 1" changes to authority records in the copy of the LC/NACO Authority File held at the Library of Congress. During phase 1, authority records with characteristics known to be at variance with RDA practice and which are not candidates for any of the mechanical changes to be made during phase 2 receive a 667 field indicating their status.  (For details of this work, see the various documents available here:  Records updated by this program are distributed daily to the NACO nodes, including OCLC, and become part of the weekly distribution of new, changed and deleted authority records.

The program was configured to start with the first record in the file, and stop when it had updated 30,000 records; each successive day, the program started where it left off the previous day, and chugged along until it had changed another 30,000 records.  This morning the program reached the end of the LC/NACO authority file, bringing phase 1 to a successful conclusion.

A statistical summary will follow in the near future.  Phase 2 of this work is still scheduled to be coincide with the announced Day 1 for authority records (March 31, 2013).

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