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Paul Frank or I will contact you privately about your review situation.

Jessalyn Zoom 
Cooperative Programs Section

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Reviewing/reviewer for corporate names, and occasional personal name

I was off review for creating personal name authority records but on review for corporate name authority records when my LC reviewer retired.  He recommended that I contact [log in to unmask] with questions and NARs to review once he retired.  I've written for a variety of related reasons in the past month or two but have not yet received a reply.

1. Is it acceptable to have my coworker, who got independence in corporate NARs through the OLAC funnel, review my work?
2. Is there a particular individual at LC I should contact, rather than the naco email address as a whole?

Thank you

Ms. Sevim McCutcheon
Catalog Librarian, Asst. Prof.
Kent State University Libraries
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