I may have mentioned this before ...

A computer program was recently used to make the "phase 1" changes to records in the LC/NACO authority file.  Next March (touch wood) an updated version of this program will be used to make the "phase 2" changes.  The changes made to the program have a lot to do with the user interface, and not very much to do with the innards, which appear to be working according to design.

As it happens, the program can make these changes to any file of MARC21 authority records, without regard to the source of that file. For example, a file of records might be exported from a local library system and run through this program; and then the changed records loaded back into the local system.  As it further happens, the same program can make the parallel changes to files of MARC21 bibliographic records, keeping controlled access fields in bibliographic and authority records in harmony. (For users of the Voyager library system only, the program has additional ways to find records of interest, and it can on option directly update the Voyager database.)

I have placed documentation for the program ("Program for the manipulation ...") here:

As is explained in this document, one of the output files the program produces is a "before and after" file, allowing one to judge the correctness of changes before updates are actually sent to the local database. These files can be inspected with the viewer program described in the other document in this folder.

I have not yet placed into this folder the actual installation package for the program, or its configuration files. I could do this at any time, but I would first appreciate it if those who might actually be interested in running such a program locally were to cast an eye over the documentation and let me know what thoughts might arise: there are almost certainly things that can be stated better, or programmed better; and there may be important omissions.

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