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Under AACR2 we didn't usually set 008/06 to "t" (Publication date and copyright date) unless there was a large gap between the two.  Is that no longer true under RDA? I've noticed several new pcc-created RDA records that code 008/06 to "t" and code publication and copyright separately even when they are the same year.

I believe this stems from confining the "t" code application to what's described in its MARC definition, which makes no mention on the equality or inequality of the publication and copyright dates--merely a coding that defines what's happening in the 008/07-14 and, by extension, the 260/264 fields.  Add that to RDA's distinction between Date of Publication and Copyright Date elements.

Copyright dates are effectively optional except in one extreme circumstance.  LC makes a few references to these dates in LCPS (including matching 008 dates) and LCPS 2.10.6.

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