I heard several times that EMI destroyed all of the original parts of 78s
used in the Great Recordings of the Century series c. the late '50s and
early '60s, insisting that the transfers they made at that time were
defnitive and could never be improved upon.

This story was repeated in the press more than once in the ,70s in
connection with particular reissues involving, for example, Elgar and

Steve Abrams

On 19 September 2012 02:35, Clark Johnsen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Recently I read an assertion that the EMI vault "west of London" houses
> everything EMI has ever recorded. Despite apparent ambiguity, the
> implication is clear: These are masters. Yet I have also read that at some
> point (during the war?) EMI lost (or destroyed?) many or most of their
> metal masters and called upon RCA Victor in America to resupply them (with
> metals? mothers? stampers?). What's the story?
> clark