The xlp tape parts for that Henderson set are still filed in the Sony Music
vault. The metal parts used for that issue may not have survived in toto
due to some looting that took place before Sony took over CBS. However,
that is speculation on my part, as I never researched any Henderson


On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 8:18 AM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> I recently picked up a superb condition used copy of "A Study In
> Frustration - The Fletcher Henderson Story" 4LP set. I also have the new
> Mosaic Coleman Hawkins set. In the case of many overlapping tunes, the new
> set is clearly sourced from production shellac records whereas the old
> Columbia LP set is sourced from metal parts. To my ears, the Mosaic crew
> made some better EQ decisions for the new set, particularly in the low end,
> but their product suffers from distortion and surface noise of "well-loved"
> records that weren't quiet the day they were pressed.
> So what happened to the Columbia metal parts? Or, why weren't the master
> tapes to "A Study In Frustration" used for the new set. If you took those
> old transfers from metal parts and applied the modern idea of EQ, using a
> good mastering equalizer, I think you'd get a better result because of so
> much less disk surface noise and pressed-in distortions from the shellac.
> As of the early CD era, those original master tapes existed because
> Columbia put out the original "Study In Frustration" as a 3CD set in the
> 80s. I haven't heard those CDs, but my bet is that they suffer from the
> terrible overuse of CEDAR that plagued Columbia reissues in those days.
> -- Tom Fine

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