On 19/09/2012, Tom Fine wrote:

> Thanks Erik, but time on my hands is exactly what I don't have.
> Given that Nikon doesn't make slide scanners anymore, can someone
> suggest a real-world solution? I'm happy to read all the sucess
> stories with Nikons, but I need something I can buy new now. I don't
> trust used precision scanning equipment. It's not like an Ampex 350,
> something I can fix.
If you have a few hours to make up a simple wooden frame to hold camera
and slide, I suggest a Sony NEX-5N camera and their 30mm macro lens.

You will also need a piece of white plastic or opal glass to give even

If not keen on woodwork, you could use a copy stand and a small light box.
Tape a piece of thick black card, with a 2 inch square hole cut in it,
to the light box to locate the slides.

For the stereo slides, just make another piece of card with different
shaped hole.

Kaiser make copy stands - see Amazon. A useful thing to have anyway - you can
photograph LP sleeves, for instance.

Don Cox
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