Yes, Steve. That was the whole point of the forwarded message. Jerry
definitely will come with a truck and take them off your hands, though
I don't know his range. I suppose that the more you have to give the
farther he would be willing to drive.

If you want to follow the advice of the two Steves or anyone else, you
may or may not try to take a tax deduction for it, but I wasn't
suggesting that be your motivation.

My best,


On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 4:14 PM, Steve Ramm <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I agree with Leroy 100% and I'm a CPA.
> There is a category of valuation  called "Thrift Shop value". I've got  a
> fancy thrift shop that charges $4.00 for all used Cds. And that's the value I
>  take.
> Also, remember Peter wasn't suggesting that you make lots of money. I think
>  we all have tose Lps that we take to the curb. If you are near the store,
> you  could drop off. If you live in the area and there are a lot you don't
> need, I'll  bet the guy would pick up.
> BUT, seriously, the posting was only for those in Northern Calif. and no
> need to get too involved.
> Steve Ramm