On 20/09/2012, James Roth wrote:

> Greetings, all!
> First, thank you all for advising me on the baking of the 1/4-inch
> audiotape which had become sticky over the years. The tapes now play
> perfectly.
> I have many feet of regular, old 8mm film and I'd love to be able to
> scan certain individual frames of it, but they are so small (about
> 1/8-inch square). Does anyone know of a scanner that could handle such
> a minute picture? Perhaps there's a film editor that can snap a frame
> with the push of a button.
Whatever opinions may be about 35mm slides, images this small are
definitely a job for a camera. You will need a good digital camera with
interchangeable lenses, a bellows, and an adaptor for mounting the lens
in reverse (so that the side that normally faces toward the sensor faces
toward your 8mm film).

Extension tubes are a cheaper alternative to bellows and may be all you

You may well find that a lens from an old film SLR is easier to use than
a modern lens as suppiied with the camera, because the old lens will
have a ring for setting the aperture and the new one will not.

Don Cox
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