Tom Fine & Fellow ARSClisters,

You may remember some months ago I instituted a thread about David Carroll,
investigating a claim that his "Let's Dance" was the first stereo album
issued on tape.
That milestone was pretty easily discredited, and there was a lot of
interesting discussion around it. But the claim was based on the inclusion
of a track from that album
on an early Mercury stereo demonstration tape circulated to promote their
interests in stereo. I was never able to get, from the List at least, an
answer as to what that
tape was.

Imagine my surprise when -- a couple of months after that thread expired --
I found a copy of that very tape in the thrift store across from my
apartment building. Seek
and ye shall find, I guess. It is Mercury DEMS-1, "A Miracle in Sound."
Scans of all the visual materials are to be found in a folder I set up here:

It may only be the first demo that Mercury circulated to tout their brand
of stereo, but I view that as a milestone in itself and refuse to further
qualify it into insignificance.
You are all welcome to do so if you like. The Bel Canto slip was in the
box, and I wonder if that was simply put there by the original owner of
this tape, or if Mercury may
have had a hand in distributing Bel Canto for a time.

I would love to have the tape transferred, despite the fact that it
consists of material issued elsewhere. But it is in very fragile condition;
the box is obviously water damaged.
and the tape is dried out.

Answering my own question yet again,

David "Uncle Dave" Lewis
Lebanon, OH