Yes. They were recorded on Varese VCDM 1000.240

I also have a live performance of Goosens conducting the Copland.

On a related note...Goosens had another interesting project, a set of Variations 
he commissioned on a theme he wrote. Contributing to the set of Variations were 
Copland, Schuman, Creston, Hanson, etc. I have a broadcast of the entire work, 
as conducted by Goosens. The Copland Variation has been recorded, but as far as 
I know, there is no commercial recording of the entire work. I have a vague 
recollection that it was done in England some years ago, but I have never been 
able to track down that performance. It might have been conducted by Schwarz, so 
it is possible that he also did it in Seattle.


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The Goosens/Cincinnati fanfares commissions of 1942-43 is an interesting 
historical tidbit (at least to me):

Were these fanfares recorded? Is there an album available? How about radio 
broadcast recordings?

-- Tom Fine