Tom-san, here's one thing -
stereo version the tracks from the "Music From Hi-Fi Bugs" exists.

It's "Music From Out Of Space" (Mercury SR-60118/MG-20550)
and "Rhythm Meets Rugolo" (Mercury SR-60119/MG-20551),
shuffled recompilations of "Hi-Fi Bugs" (EmArcy MG-36082) and
"Out On A Limb" (EmArcy MG-36115).

They are sounding superb - one of the best-sounding
early Mercury Pop recordings and one of my favourites indeed.


On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 10:48 AM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Hi Kohji-san:
> Thank you for checking that. In 1958, a session at Fine Recording studio
> would likely be done in 2-track stereo and full-track mono at the same
> time. However, it's possible that some of these pop sessions weren't
> recorded in stereo. In those early days of the studio, the Gates Dualux
> console was only set up for 2-channel output for stereo. I'm still not
> exactly sure how they did mono and stereo at the same time. The late Bob
> Eberenz told me that mono masters were made from a dub that combined the
> two stereo tracks, sometimes just cutting a master playing the 2-track tape
> on a full-track head and usually doing some dynamics compression and EQ
> directly to the single master so as to make it jump out of the speakers
> more on AM radios. But, given the use of a mono master for the CD and LP, I
> guess that's what's in the vaults. Like I said, it's possible the session
> was ordered up in mono. The Gates board was perfectly capable of mixing any
> or all of the 12 input channels to a single output channel.
> Do you know if these tracks ended up on a Sarah Vaughn LP, and if so which
> one? If there's an SR version of it, then there was at one time a stereo
> master.
> By the way, I've seen this happen in a few cases with old Mercury records.
> A case in point is the Charlie Rich stuff from Smash. Some songs ended up
> on CD only from mono singles masters, whereas I have stereo LPs that
> contain all stereo versions of all songs. The same is true of at least some
> Cannonball Adderley stuff and I think some Dinah Washington stuff. We may
> have discussed the Cannonball material on-list and now that I think about
> it I might have been wrong about whatever I initially said. There is also
> some Mercury pop material that was released on 2-track tape in stereo but
> then never later released on stereo LP. For instance Pete Rugolo "Music for
> Hi-Fi Bugs" on Emarcy, never seen a stereo LP of those songs.
> -- Tom Fine
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> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Sarah Vaughn on Mercury question
>  Hi Tom-san,
>> I confirmed that the following tracks (from the Sep. 26, 1958 session with
>> Hal Mooney Orchestra)
>> are included in monaural on "The Complete Sarah Vaughan on Mercury Vol. 3"
>> (Nippon Phonogram 18PJ-1041/46, 826 333-1).
>> My copy is 6LP edition, which I believe is equivalent to 6CD edition.
>> 17990-7  Cool Baby
>> 18018-10  Everything I Do
>> 18019-14  I Ain't Hurtin'
>> 18020-6   Disillusioned Heart
>> That five volume discography by Ruppli mentions the master number of "Cool
>> Baby" as
>> 17990-7 (PB 4374), so at least the "Cool Baby" was mastered both in mono
>> and stereo
>> at that time. Not sure for other three tracks. I guess three-track stereo
>> master tapes might
>> exist still in the vaults (but AFAIK not mastered to two tracks nor
>> released yet in the past).
>> Kohji
>> On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 3:31 AM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>**
>> wrote:
>>  Does anyone have this CD set:
>>> alb/189-7275718-6834958<http:/**/**
>>> B000VIWIKG/ref=dm_sp_alb/189-**7275718-6834958<>
>>> >
>>> (The Complete Sarah Vaughan On Mercury Vol.3)
>>> If so, can you confirm that "I Ain't Hurtin'" and "Disillusioned Heart"
>>> on
>>> disc 5 are indeed released in mono as are these online samples?
>>> If they are in mono, I wonder what happened to the stereo masters??? I
>>> have a copy of the Fine Recording take sheet for that session (looks like
>>> it was 9/26/58) and all indications are that the session was recorded in
>>> both stereo and mono. Maybe they only went with mono singles masters for
>>> this box set?
>>> -- Tom Fine