The man who makes the recordings of the Welte, recordings that we issue on our 
label, still uses DAT. Coincidentallly, I just had both of my DAT machines 
repaired. The man who makes those recordings is in his 80s and is afraid that he 
would find any other recording device to be "too complicated." I have tried to 
convince him otherwise...but no luck. I should add that he refuses to have a 
computer in his house. He has six telephones in his house, including one with a 
rotary dial and not too long ago bought a cell phone...but no computer!


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Hold the rotten tomatos -- does anyone record to DAT 

Are there any DAT holdouts left? Sound-for-picture? On-tour recordings? Audio 
mastering? Transfer work?

Just curious ...

-- Tom Fine