On 27/09/2012, Stewart Gooderman wrote:

> Mr Fine,
> Could that "dullness" been the fault of the producer rather than the
> technical staffs?
> My experience is more with theatre recordings than anything else, and
> overall, Columbia did *the* best job in creating show albums, both in
> sound and concept. Most of them were produced by Goddard Lieberson and
> his recordings are still treasured for both his recording technique,
> as well as the quality of sound. And the early stereos were especially
> vivid.
"West Side Story" (broadway cast) and "Anything Goes" are both good
strong recordings. Any others in particular?

I think the mastering and pressing were both poor. Columbia LPs in the
60s sounded sour and congested, yet when we get a good new CD transfer
the sound is perfectly OK. I have a good heap of the Bernstein Century
issues, for instance, and the sound is fine - which it was not on the
LPs that I bought at the time.

The most recent DSD transfer of Boulez' Debussy recordings has excellent
sound. The LP was a pain to listen to.

Don Cox
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