Here are teh links to the 20 CD set:

HMV Japan link
Tower Japan link

Decca link **

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> The mono Dorati Rite is included in a soon to be released 20 CD containing
> 38 recordings of the Rite. I'll supply a link later.
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>> From today's WSJ:
>> 7173338012356.html<>
>> the 50th anniversary of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band is marked with a
>> new box set. I have and enjoy the Mosaic "Atlantic New Orleans Jazz" box
>> set, which included the first three or four Preservation Hall albums.
>> http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.**com/2012/09/27/rarely-seen-**
>> rolling-stones-film-**resurfacing-in-expanded-form/<>
>> this film should be interesting to compare to the TAMY Show DVD.
>> and-joseph-goebbelss-gift.html<>
>> this was in the Sunday paper. The safe bet is, the violin was plundered
>> and someone, probably someone killed by the Nazis, was the victim.
>> cools-into-a-rite-of-passage.**html<>
>> if you want an un-cooled-down performance of the Rite, seek out the mono
>> Dorati/Minneapolis LP. The stereo is furious, but the mono goes to 11.
>> Prokofiev's "Scythian Suite" is pretty near as violent, and Dorati did that
>> one to the max also. I saw Kurt Mazur/NYPO perform Rite of Spring 10+ years
>> ago. They did a very good job, it shook the rafters at Avery Fisher Hall,
>> and most certainly didn't get absorbed in the bad acoustics. The other Rite
>> recording I really like is Solti/Chicago, super engaged, peppy and
>> passionate for Solti. One man's opinions, of course ...
>> 7182988336066.html<>
>> Marc Myers included many more parts of the interview on his blog:
>> (scroll backward and forward in the blog at top of pages)
>> Finally, this one is more related to music recording ... I sent my friend
>> Chris Sanchez a bunch of 1970s and 80s Audio Designs and Manufacturing
>> console "beauty shots" and he posted them to his blog, along with some ADM
>> history:
>> http://www.preservationsound.**com/?p=5516<>
>> for those not familiar with Chris's Audio Preservation blog, it's pretty
>> eclectic and Chris never fails to dig up interesting material.
>> -- Tom Fine