I recall that there was a series of talking disks by pre-Vitaphone /
Movietone films stars but can't recall the name of the label & series under
which they were marketed.  My internet searches have been fruitless.  Might
any of you be able to steer me to data about them?

I've at long last digitizing tapes that I made many years ago from disks &
cylinders.  One of them's cryptically marked "Bert Lytel Talk-O-Phone" but
I didn't notate anything other than that.  All I've found is

I'm wondering if this is from that rare label & assume that I might've made
an erroneous notation. The duration from first to last sound is 1:22.

Can any of you you elucidate me?

It's a philosophical &  poetic recitation that starts "At the door of
success I've been tempted to knock...."

The same tape contains four 12" shellac 78 sides of a talk (from the sound
quality I'm guessing that it was recorded via a telephone line or radio
relay). 'Fourth International For Socialist Workers Party of the USA'  I'm
assuming that the recording was made in '38 - '39 - '40.  Might any of you
know the label & have precise recording date & locale (Mexico)  info?

Art (Shiffy) Shifrin