Hi Steve:

How did Capitol do with that. Iron Mountain managed to lose a few boxes of Polygram/Mercury tapes 
over the years and, worse, had a big fire in one of their facilities that destroyed much original 
artwork and paperwork. The record companies didn't learn from any of that, as I understand most 
vault stuff is still outsourced.

-- Tom Fine

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I can't speak to EMI, but during my years at Capitol Studios, Capitol maintained archive storage at 
2 Iron Mountain facilities, one in Carson, CA, the other in New Jersey.  We designed special cases 
that would accommodate various media: differetns size reels of tape, discs of every type, etc., for 
when we needed to copy or transfer assets for film licensing, re-releases, etc.


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> Recently I read an assertion that the EMI vault "west of London" houses
> everything EMI has ever recorded. Despite apparent ambiguity, the
> implication is clear: These are masters. Yet I have also read that at some
> point (during the war?) EMI lost (or destroyed?) many or most of their
> metal masters and called upon RCA Victor in America to resupply them (with
> metals? mothers? stampers?). What's the story?
> clark

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