Hi, Tom,

I am quite partial to the Epson V-series. The V-700 will do 12 slides at 
a time and might be good enough. I've done stereo slides on the V700. 
The V500 and V600 are also competent. Someone here bought a V500 (I 
think) and is very happy with it.

As to the Nikon, I bought mine just as I thought production was ending 
(it was starting to get "iffy" in some stores). I have run about 50,000 
images through mine and it still works fine. It seems that the best 
price on ePay right now is $2600 or so for the scanner and feeder. I 
paid about $2000 for mine--maybe a little more with tax, brand new.

That cost hurt at the time, but I thought I was investing in about as 
good a unit as I could reasonably expect, and I have not been 
disappointed in the least. I feel I got it in the nick of time. One 
audio client of mine also asked about this and is very happy with the 
Nikon. They are preserving part of their archive in-house. I think 
they've brought ADAT in house, but are letting me do all the analog. 
They wanted me to buy their 2-inch A80 24 track, but I said no, I did 
not want to get into 2-inch audio.



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