Please excuse me if these questions have already been asked and answered.

I am converting 45 RPM vinyl to digital using pristine (never played) vinyl 
on a Stanton belt-drive turntable through amp/eq to computer input.  Here 
are my questions:

1.  I've been told to put the records on end in a soapy wash and brush them 
with the groove using a soft bristle brush.  The wash is supposed to be 
distilled water with dish soap.  Is this recommended for pristine vinyl?  Is 
there a certain brand of soap to use or stay away from (ie: Dawn)?

2.  After air drying, I've been using "Gruv-Glide" to reduce static.  Is 
there something better?

3.  Is this process all wrong?

4.  What eq settings are recommended to bring vinyl back to life?

Thanks for your input.

Buddy Weaver
San Diego, CA