If I were to compile a group of examples of early stereophony experiments, let's limit this to 
record-company recordings and 2-channel, what's missing from this list:

-- Blumlein EMI
-- Bell Labs/Stokowski
-- German 2-channel magnetic tape experiments on the AES CD
-- Bert Whyte Magnecorder experiments 1952-53
-- RCA Reiner/CSO 1954
-- Mercury late 1955
-- Decca Ansermet
-- other mid-50's American and European stereo commercial firsts

The main thing I want to know is, am I missing any other pre-tape 2-channel experiments? I think 
only EMI and Bell Labs experimented with 2-channel disk recording in the 30's, to the point of 
actually making recordings.

Thanks in advance for any corrections/additions.

-- Tom Fine