I use the Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner for cleaning vinyl (and most 
everything else as well). I vacuum dry it with a modified wet vac. The 
modification is that I have attached soft felt on the plastic attachment.

I would use RIAA EQ for such recordings and tweak by ear.

Also be sure to center the records properly. Very few records are on 

Joe Salerno

On 9/6/2012 1:40 PM, Blue Star Music wrote:
> Please excuse me if these questions have already been asked and answered.
> I am converting 45 RPM vinyl to digital using pristine (never played)
> vinyl on a Stanton belt-drive turntable through amp/eq to computer
> input.  Here are my questions:
> 1.  I've been told to put the records on end in a soapy wash and brush
> them with the groove using a soft bristle brush.  The wash is supposed
> to be distilled water with dish soap.  Is this recommended for pristine
> vinyl?  Is there a certain brand of soap to use or stay away from (ie:
> Dawn)?
> 2.  After air drying, I've been using "Gruv-Glide" to reduce static.  Is
> there something better?
> 3.  Is this process all wrong?
> 4.  What eq settings are recommended to bring vinyl back to life?
> Thanks for your input.
> BW
> Buddy Weaver
> San Diego, CA