Turns out this can be done with Windows MovieMaker as long as the notoriously crash-prone software 
doesn't crash. How-to here:

You can control how long an image goes by showing the timeline and dragging the "scene" (image) out 
to what you want. The HELP menu tells you how to cut the tail off to trim the time to your exact 

This is great for youtubes, for instance of a 78 where you show an image of the label, then maybe 
have some video of it playing or do a whole montage of still images.

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Is there a piece of Windows freeware or cheapware that does this?

>I would like to convert still images to specified lengths of video (AVI, MOV or WMV) that I can 
>then import into Soundforge and add to sound tracks to make video clips. Is there a simple and free 
>or very cheap Windows program that does this?
> -- Tom Fine