Thanks in advance for any/all expert factual answers.

1. Bell Labs developed a veritcal-lateral disk recording system and made some test recordings in 
their laboratory. What was the timeframe for this? Before the Stokowski/Philly recordings?

2. I had always assumed the Stoki/Philly recordings were with the newly-developed 45-45 disk 
recording system. Is this factually correct?

3. Just to confirm, were the Blumlein/EMI binaural disk recordings made with a vertical-lateral 
system or a 45-45 or something else? I had thought vert-lat, but I want to be sure.

4. Is there any documentation out there (not silly opinion pieces online but real factual 
documentation) showing the differences between the vertical-lateral systems? Was Decca's 1950's 
microgroove vert-lat (never brought to market, as all the major companies agreed to the Bell/Westrex 
45-45 stereophonic cutting system in order to facilitate universal compatibility) still another 
approach or a smaller-stylus adaption of an earlier system?

Thanks in advance!

-- Tom Fine