Tom Fine:

> Was Decca's 1950's microgroove vert-lat snip still another
> approach or a smaller-stylus adaption of an earlier system?

I consider it just another approach.

Arthur Haddy, Decca studios chief technical director, has stated on numerous
occasions that the DECCA cutterhead could make Stereo vinyl disks either
45/45 or vertical/lateral at the flick of a switch.

The cutterhead stayed the same but the signals driving it was matrixed
differently to either produce 45/45 or vertical/lateral when switching said

So in the end they had no problems at all to agree to the 45/45 system as a
wordwide standard because of said switch.

The Coming of Stereo

FOREWARD: The author, as Manager of Engineering RCA Victor Records, later as
Chief Engineer, as a member of the Engineering Committee of the Record
Industry Association (RIAA), and as Chairman of the Electronic Industries
Association (EIA) Committee R 7 Phonograph Combinations, was heavily
involved in the standardization of the stereophonic record. This is the
story of his personal involvement.

Author: Roys, H. E.
JAES Volume 25 Issue 10/11 pp. 824-827; November 1977 Import into BibTeX

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