Hello, all.

I have a bit of a problem here.  While recording sounds of waves  
along the rocky shoreline of Portland, Maine, my H4n handy recorder  
decided to take a swim.  After fishing it out, I immediately removed  
the batteries and SD card, shook all the loose water out of it and  
left the battery and SD card slots open, hoping to dry out the  
interior electronics using the outdoor air and sun.  Hours later,  
after sufficiently drying out, I attempted to power it up,  
alternatively with new batteries and the external power cord, both  
without success.

Is it time to say farewell to my H4n and get a new one?  Is there any  
hope in repairing it?  I've heard encouraging things about SD cards  
surviving trips through the laundry, so at least I'm not too worried  
about the recordings I had on the card.


Timothy Wisniewski, M.L.I.S.

Visual Materials Archivist
Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives
Johns Hopkins University Medical Institutions
5801 Smith Avenue, Suite 235
Baltimore, MD 21209