Hi Matt:

That whole DAT-extraction thing seems very kludgey. Also, reports seem to indicate that few people 
get it working reliably and use it for large collections. I'm sure there are some experts on-list 
who do this all the time, but that doesn't seem common. For a small or medium-sized collection 
(fewer than a few hundred DATs), I think it's much easier to just use SPDIF and go real-time with 
somewhat common regular DAT machines. If you monitor in real time, you can clearly hear if there are 
the problems that plague some DATs, uncorrectable errors, mutes, dropouts, etc.

-- Tom Fine

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> >Our collection has a considerable amount of DAT tapes which I hope to connect
>>via S/PDIF
> You may want to look into getting an internal DDS drive to extract your DAT
> audio. DDS drives were originally used for DATA storage on DAT format tapes, but
> there is sortware for certain drives that will extract WAV files at 2-4X
> realtime. There is a Yahoo group dedicated to this at:
> -Matt Sohn