A crappy, even in its day, $900 P-4 clone machine with 254MB/10GB in 1999.
It ran NT, as I'd got very familiar supporting it at IBM, where it followed
OS2 into the local office. Big improvement on 95/98. N-track, then CoolEdit
Pro. SCSI Plextor burner. The major usability challenge was the noise. I
stored it in an adjacent closet, and smothered the machine in blankets. What
a hassle.

By 2002, the box was recycled into a linux Web server, and once ran Redhat
for over a year without a reboot. I should try firing it up again and put it
on the air - - sorry, I mean the 'net.

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To put it in ARSC terms, consider a terabyte of data. What was the memory
and hard disc capacity of 
your first DAW? How long ago was that?

-- Tom Fine