This was a very early music-streaming player:

Do a Google and you'll see there are new firmware DIY uploads that make it work with the Logitech 
server software (hence iTunes) among other possibilities.

It's built very well so, for instance, it would work great as a music-on-hold system. Or as a retail 
background-audio player. The server software is not resource-intensive, it was written back in the 
PIII era. I don't know about the new DIY servers and firmware. I do know that the Logitech server is 
somewhat resource-intensive when it's adding new material and when it starts up. However, when it's 
just running feeding a stream to a networked Logitech player, it's not using a lot of resources.

You pay shipping. Figure UPS Ground will be $10-20 depending on your location. USA addresses only.

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- -- Tom Fine