Hi, Don,

I originally thought of the slide copying with camera option, but with 
the knowledge of the approximate volume (40-50,000 images, culling not 
easy prior to scanning based on availability of scanning personnel vs. 
culling personnel) I thought that the price would fall into line to get 
the Coolscan 5000ED vs. trashing the shutter (at least) in a D200 
body--and I'd end up with more pixels and ICE (at least for the 
Ektachromes and Fujichromes).

I actually have the slide attachment modified for the Nikon 60 mm f/2.8 
micro lens. It works OK.

The bulk loader was another factor.

Ease of doing the 5000 or so 35 mm negatives was another factor.



On 2012-09-18 3:52 PM, Don Cox wrote:
> On 18/09/2012, Corey Bailey wrote:
>> Hi Don,
>> Are you back-lighting the slides? If so, how?
> The slide holder for the Nikon bellows that I am using has a bit of
> white plastic to go behind the slide. However, I found that its frame
> was casting shadows, so I removed it and am using a larger sheet of
> white Perspex (=Plexiglas) a few inches away.
> The light source is daylight, and the camera is set to Auto White
> Balance. I tried Custom white balance, but results were not so good.
> Many old slides have strong color casts, and the AWB goes part way to
> correcting them.
> (Using a Nikon bellows with an Olympus lens involves various adaptors -
> an Olympus bellows would make more sense, but I am using the equipment I
> already have. I made many very good duplicate slides with this combination 20
> years ago.)

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