Where's the ipod dock???

And the specs say nothing about wow and flutter or signal to noise:
"Statement TT 1
10. Technical data
Construction principle: High precision mechanical tangential extremely low friction 2 point linear tracking design (Patent No. PA 1020060529138).
Total weight: 8,6 kg, incl. armwand
Dimensions (H x H x D in inch): Dimensions (H x H x D in mm):
approx. 521 x 211 x 199 approx. 20,51 x 8,31 x 7,83
Warranty: 10 years* (see chapter 9)

 clearaudio electronic GmbH 2007"

Certainly does make a statement: "I have more money than brains, and want to show it off."

Looks cool, though!


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> Anyone own, plan to buy, or used one of these yet?
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