You gotta read the review.  The guy spends most of it defending the high
cost and the very concept of high cost items in audio and in all aspects
of The Truly Fine Life.  Then, after all that, look at how he summarizes

Spec/features: 5
Sound quality: 5
Build quality: 5
Value for money: 1 

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Date: Wed, September 19, 2012 12:13 pm
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Where's the ipod dock???

And the specs say nothing about wow and flutter or signal to noise:
"Statement TT 1
10. Technical data
Construction principle: High precision mechanical tangential extremely
low friction 2 point linear tracking design (Patent No. PA
Total weight: 8,6 kg, incl. armwand
Dimensions (H x H x D in inch): Dimensions (H x H x D in mm):
approx. 521 x 211 x 199 approx. 20,51 x 8,31 x 7,83
Warranty: 10 years* (see chapter 9)

© clearaudio electronic GmbH 2007"

Certainly does make a statement: "I have more money than brains, and
want to show it off."

Looks cool, though!


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> Anyone own, plan to buy, or used one of these yet?
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