I had seen this story before.It is,indeed,a crime,but it doesn't surprise me.

Can someone identify the artist/conductor in those Supraphon 78s at your link?



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� Dave, this is a real horror story. A woman friend who was a supervisor at a company used to repeat something one of the people she supervised said:

� "I am fiberglasted."

� So am I.

� Don Tait

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Liszt's pupil Bernhard Stavenhagen made only one Path� vertical 14" record.
The only known copy of the disc has been reshaped into an upward fashion,
roughly into the shape of a
tulip blossom, and used as the base for a lamp. I would love to know where
the lamp is, if anything to see if it is playable on an archeophone.

David N. "Uncle Dave" Lewis
Lebanon, OH

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> For more inspiration I can recommend:
> Ursula Block & Michael Glasmeier: Broken Music - Artists' Recordworks
> (daadgalerie Berlin - Gemeentemuseum Den Haag - Magasin Grenoble: 1989)
> ISBN 3-89357-013-6
> Trevor Schoonmaker (d.): The Record - Contemporary Art and Vinyl (Nasher
> Museum of Art at Duke University: 2010) ISBN 0-938989-33-2
> CEC jef chippewa schrieb:
>� Weeeeeell, it all depends on how you play/use them, now doesn't it? :-)
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>> jef
>>� I think we've all seen clocks made out of old 78s;� fortunately most of
>>> them can have their clock mechanisms removed and be recycled back to being
>>> a functioning record - however there are some with numbers glued to the
>>> surface so their playing days are over, at least on one side.
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