>I use the Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner for cleaning vinyl (and most 
>everything else as well). I vacuum dry it with a modified wet vac. The 
>modification is that I have attached soft felt on the plastic attachment.

I second the recommendation for Disc Doctor fluid.
The brushes that he sells will also work better than a soft bristle brush.
I also recommend a second rinse with distilled water, using a second brush.

I am lucky enough to have a Keith Monks record cleaner, but I have removed the 
brush assembly and fluid dispenser and scrub the discs with Disc Doctor brushes, 
using the vacuum arm on the Monks to remove the liquid. Air drying will work as 
well, perhaps using a rubberized dish drainer to hold the discs while they dry.

On a related note, I read an interesting review of a new machine made by Ultra 
Systems that uses an ultrasonic bath to clean discs. Doesn't look like it would 
work for 45s, and it lists for $3895, which puts it well out of my reach, but it 
got a glowing review from Michael Fremer:

Anyone here have experience with this machine?

-Matt Sohn