It wouldn't surprise me to find that Les Paul may have done some early
stereo.  It's something I may be able to look into if no one else has any

After all, he also operated recording studios in CA and Long Island and had
lots of early stereo-possible recording equipment.

Steve Smolian

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Neither disc was issued; Sony has a complete run of the ML/MS series, but
not these catalogue numbers. The Mendelssohn MSND music that was paired on
LP  with the Schubert WAS issued on a two-track stereo tape, though, so the
stereo  versions were likely more than the mere figment of someone's
imagination;  they probably existed at one time.
Rich Kaplan
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From my  database - don't know if the disc was ever actually issued ...  

Mike Gray
ID Composer Work Number De Bellis 78 Prefix  / Suffix 78 matrix Date Initial
Label Ensemble Artists Conductor Producer /  Engineer 
146812     GLIÈRE     Ilya  Mourometz, Symphony No. 3 in B minor, op. 42    

11/25/1956    Columbia     Philadelphia Orchestra     
Ormandy, Eugene     

147356    SCHUBERT     Symphony No. 8 in B minor, D759 'Unfinished'  

11/25/1956     Columbia     Philadelphia  Orchestra     
Ormandy, Eugene