Was this same recording issued,in stereo,by Telefunken,in the 1960s?



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Tom Fine:

> Going from the liner notes on various commercial
> issues plus online stuff, I've arrived at this
> list.

Hugo Alfven: Midsommarvaka Swedish Society Discophil SCD 1003

Was recorded in true stereo in 1954 using two mono Lyrec tape recorders
cannibalized to give one recorder with a true stereo rec/play head using
both mono machines electronics to provide a stereo recorder.

I, together with a colleaugue did the tape transfers from the original
stereo master tape in 1994.

We had on hand the original recording electrical engineer who told us about
the problems converting the Lyrec tape machines and trying to tweak the
bisas frequency on one channel trying to match the other one to avoiud beats
minutes before the recording started.

The recording sounds exceedingly natural which puts to shame many of todays
hi-tech digital recordings of today.

The recording engineer used two Neumann U47 switched to omni mode in A/B
stereo 15 meters from the conductors podium.

The whole of the above needs to be put into your browswer whatch out for any
line breaks or use:

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