Of course, the obvious answer is that the RCA "Living Strereo" remastered SACDs are selling at reasonable prices where as the Japanese Sony Columbia SACDs cost anywhere from twice to three times as much or more.  And why are they Japanese?  I would guess the RCAs are selling well and justifying the original investment by BMG.

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Date: Thursday, September 27, 2012, 8:49 PM

So do I.  I wish Sony would
 remaster a lot of other wonderful things too, but the corporate belief is that reissues that cost money (i. e., ones that require work from an analog source) won't sell in sufficient numbers to make a profit, except in very rare exceptions.  I'd like to believe that they are wrong about that, but it is certainly true that reissue sales have been plummeting for years.  As an illustrative example, back in the mid 1990s, one year I remastered 65 CDs, and BMG issued 350.  Last year, I remastered 3 CDs.
Jon Samuels

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On 25/09/2012, Roderic G Stephens wrote:

> Dear Jon, and I use the "Dear" in the full sense of the word. What a
> wonderful result you and "friends" have created in the "Living Stereo"
> re-mastered series. The very reasonable cost of the SACDs is obviously
> another result of all of your "labors of love". As an admirer, thank
> you once more.

I only wish there were more.

Don Cox
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