Re the Dorĺti/MSO Sacre:

An interesting aspect of the performance that preceded the recording was
that it was the first performance of the score in Minneapolis. Even
Mitropoulos, that apostle of Modernism, had not attempted it during his
tenure (1936-49). Like many works that Doráti did over for stereo, the mono
recording has an excitement that could not be summoned again for the
remake. The playing is somewhat crude (especially in the violins and
cellos) but is an honest memento of that orchestra and the excitement
Doráti could generate on those cold Friday nights in Northrop Auditorium a
half century and more ago. Please send the link when you can.


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> On 27/09/2012, Randy Lane wrote:
> > The mono Dorati Rite is included in a soon to be released 20 CD
> > containing 38 recordings of the Rite. I'll supply a link later.
> Will purchasers have to sign an agreement to listen to them all?
> I think Stravinsky preferred Monteux to any other conductor.
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