That New York Times article brought back a couple of questions I have had about Nejiko Suwa and her recordings.I was aware of her Japanese Columbia 78s,having lost auctions on them in the past.There is this discography out there on the web,that has been around a while. 

I know of these records,and had lost auctions on a couple of them in the past.They are rare and expensive.There are a few of her 78s up on YouTube.Here are a couple

The playing on the Kreisler is incredible.Then there is the Drdla Souvenir.

The discography lists it as Japanese Columbia,like the rest of her 78s.But the YouTube page says it's on HMV-163

I was not aware any of her records were ever issued outside of Japan.Does anybody else know about this,or other non-Japanese pressings? Japan,as far as I know,always used Victor,not HMV,and in Germany,it was DGG and Electrola.I have early electrical Electrola 78s of Rachmaninoff and Albert Coates,on the "globe" label.

Can someone also tell me why she made almost no records after the war? Was she blacklisted after the Goebbles violin?