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> I know of these records,and had lost auctions on a couple
> of them in the past.They are rare and expensive.There are
> a few of her 78s up on YouTube.Here are a couple 
> The playing on the Kreisler is incredible.

The playing of the violin is.  The playing of the record isn't.  That
EMG acoustical machine with a bamboo needle makes the beautiful
electrical recording sound like a dime-store fiddle with stuffed up
sinuses.  Using the mic on the camera instead of an actual well-placed
microphone changes the sound as he moves the camera around for different
views.  This once again shows that to machine collectors the machine is
more important to him than the record.

> Then there is the Drdla Souvenir. The discography lists
> it as Japanese Columbia,like the rest of her 78s.
> But the YouTube page says it's on HMV-163

That page says the record is Jpn Columbia A-491.  It says the PHONOGRAPH
is an HMV model 163.  And compared with the EMG this Orthophonic is much
sharper and clearer but surprisingly thin sounding.  For an electrical
playing of one of her records (although it sounds like a worn copy) try  

> I was not aware any of her records were ever issued outside
> of Japan.Does anybody else know about this,or other
> non-Japanese pressings? Japan,as far as I know,always used
> Victor,not HMV,and in Germany,it was DGG and Electrola.I
> have early electrical Electrola 78s of Rachmaninoff and
> Albert Coates,on the "globe" label.

If this is an attempt to figure out about the HMV-163 notation, you now
know that it is not a record.

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