I have yet to put up a reel to reel tape that has not sold.I have Rolling Stones,Allman Brothers.and Neil Young tapes up now that are creating an insane amount of interest.I ought to start hauling home some of the machines from Goodwill to list.I'll ship them to Japan,if I can guarantee full refund of my shipping cost.



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Well, I just sold the reel to reel version of your "funky" Bel Canto on eBay, so there seems to be a lot of collectors out there who love them.  Also, some of my clients ARE Japanese. are a few more I've put up: there have been more than a few of these offered by others:
So, there is a public romance with the archival past.

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Here's some YouTube fun for the evening:
check out the funky colored vinyl!
hey camera dude, plug the line outs into your camera!

and then there's this:

-- Tom Fine