I would recommend distilled water for the de-salting bath as opposed to
plain tap water, which still contains many dissolved salts and minerals
that will coat switch contacts and the like.

I recall a sweat-drenched Sony wireless body-pack transmitter that
completely ceased to function after being strapped to a particularly
athletic theater performer (despite being wrapped in TWO protective
condoms).  Assuming it was permanently DOA and having nothing to lose, I
bathed it repeatedly in distilled water and blew the vapors off with a can
of compressed air.  It then spent a few days in the hot, dry airstream of
an amp rack.  It powered back up and performed without complaint for the
rest of the tour.

I've never tried the rice drying technique, but it seems credible...


Mark Hood
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On 9/8/12 9:40 PM, "Richard L. Hess" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>My son walked into my brother-in-law's pool with his Blackberry.
>We pulled the battery, ran it under fresh water, and then very gently
>with a hair dryer to no avail.
>Two days in a cup with uncooked rice and it's been working ever since.
>With chlorine or salt, you need the fresh water ASAP.
>I don't know what this will do to the mics, but I think his Blackberry
>mic is even OK.
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