Nice to see some here with proof it does not hurt records,or leave residue like Discwasher does,



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Sent: Sunday, September 9, 2012 7:57 AM
Subject: [ARSCLIST] Before & After images of LP cleaned with Wood Glue
Here's a new thread for this topic.

I have tested this a few times and I took some photos, you can see for yourself.
(I'm not a pro photographer.)

Disclaimer: The test record pictured here is not a throwaway but
rather a sadly beat-up and completely filthy specimen. After cleaning,
I played it a bunch and was able to enjoy an improvement from the
reduced crud and distracting noise. No more crud at all. But the glue
won't do a thing for the scratches. ;)




Really seems to restore a brand-new surface. Unscientifically
speaking, of course..

Takes a long time. (24 hours.)

I filled one of those squeezable cosmetics bottles with wood glue, the
kind with a fine nozzle. I used a junker turntable as a lazy susan. It
requires a lot of glue, you need a solid dried pancake on there in
order to peel it off easily. The resulting negative is so
finely-detailed it looks you could play the thing. I haven't tried.

I have 2 copies of Disney's "Peter and the Wolf" narrated by Sterling Holloway.
Both have been abused by kids for years and it showed. I cleaned one
with glue and there was a noticeable improvement (my 3-year old seemed
to agree.) Though pops and clicks remain, the constant crackle of
static-y fuzz is gone.