I have some EAD exported from the Archivists Toolkit that is not  
validating in Oxygen.  We have a few photographs where the "No  
linguistic content" language was selected.  Here is a sample:

  <c id="ref33" level="file">
                     <unittitle>Photograph of a painting of the barque  
"Scots Bay"</unittitle>
                         <language langcode="No_linguistic_content"/>

Oxygen is showing errors with the langcode attribute.  I am getting  
two different errors:

E [Xerces] cvc-attribute.3: The value 'No_linguistic_content' of  
attribute 'langcode' on element 'language' is not valid with respect  
to its type, 'null'.

E [Xerces] cvc-enumeration-valid: Value 'No_linguistic_content' is not  
facet-valid with respect to enumeration

Any ideas?  I can't see why I am getting two different errors or why  
the option is included in the AT language drop-down if it doesn't  



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