Wow, a shout out from John Rees!  I'm blushing.


I have exactly what you are looking for.  See the attached yale.eadfolder2mods.xsl.  This stylesheet produces one MODS file per folder and each childless component in an EAD instance.  There is pretty good documentation in the comments at the beginning.  It's been a while since I wrote it but I can try to answer any questions you have.


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Anyone playing with EAD to MODS transforms willing to share? I have not found anything concrete out in internet land outside LOC’s verbose MARCXML to MODS.


I’m interested in gathering up terminal C0x’s along with their parents and transforming them into individual MODS records to use as descriptive metadata for digital objects.


<c01>Series title

                <c02>subseries title

                                <c03>folder 1 info


<c01>Series title

                <c02>subseries title

                                <c03>folder 2 info





As Mike Rush says ‘Don’t start from scratch’






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